You’re in the market for a new home or even an investment property. Problem is that its getting harder and harder to get into the market and stay in it. Prices of everything seem to be going up and wages – well they seem static…

It is worth considering investing in fixer uppers instead of the gleaming shining new home with all the bells and whistles. That way you can design the house to your exact specifications without the expensive developer price tag.

Or you could buy dilapidated homes and renovate them and then sell them on or using the equity in that home to buy another property and start your own Super fund rolling.

I can hear you saying – that’s all well and good, but you don’t know how to renovate a house. At Garnish Projects & Maintenance, we get that and that is essentially why we exist. We can flip a house so it is ready for re sale or rent. The house will be fully compliant and look great, fetching you a great buy price or rental return.

Now that’s something worth considering right?

Call us for a quote on the property you are considering to see if we can flip it and make you some money…

07 5476 1639 or 0400 008 618 and ask for Kev.Kowree-large

We have worked on a number of complete house renovations on the Sunshine Coast. Click here for more info

Click here for a Facebook post on a flipped property

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